Loading a Sound file cuts frame rate

Hello all,
Anyone have any experience with this problem? I followed the manual about implementing a sound file. I am using a smal sized .OOG file. Once it is loaded into the game I have it set to play when the “LoseGame” function fires. However, when I initialize the game it cuts my frame rate to about 1 -2 fps! Even though the loseGame function has not been fired.

Its called like so in the loseGame function:

mySound = loader.loadSfx("SoundFile.wav") 

I take the sound code out and the frame rate is back to normal. Any clues? Thanks…

Never happen. How did you convert it to OGG ? What converter did you use ? How is the quality played in Panda and in other players ?
I believe it’s not your logic, since if it’s loaded repeatedly, Python would crash.
How does it played in other scripts ?
And I believe you don’t need base.sfxManagerList[0].update() unless you’re in interactive command prompt.