loader.loadcubemap Issues

Hey all, ive been working on an auto updater/launcher for my game. I decided to place my game folder inside the launcher folder so i could access all the files without having to worry about os path differences. Everything is fine except my skybox which uses a cubemap. For some reason when i have my game folder (VoxelDash) inside another folder (VoxelDashLauncher in the pic) i just get a tiel colored background instead of my cubemap textures. This only happens when it is in a folder inside my projects folder. I thought maybe the cubemap cant find the files because my games root directory changed to folder that the game folder is inside(VoxelDashLauncher) but then all of my textures wouldnt work either and i would get errors trying to load the cubemap textures. Overall i am very confused heres a picture of my file structure

little update - if i move the whole thing (VoxelDashLauncher) to my desktop the cubemap is back to normal. and when i move the whole thing back to my projects folder the cubemap is just tiel again 0.o

What version Panda are you using? Try it with the latest buildbot version and let us know if this issue persists there. I’m pretty sure I recently fixed a bug regarding loading cube maps and such from another path.


thanks David, i’m downloading the latest devel build right now. I’ll post results in a bit :slight_smile:

There shouldnt be any major issues when running my game (programmed around panda 1.8.0) with the latest devel build right? Im getting all kinds of screwed up textures and shaders when i run it using the 1.9.0 libraries 0.o

It shouldn’t give an issue, but there could of course always be bugs. I’d be happy if you could find out which part of your pipeline is breaking, and put this in a simple little test program that demonstrates this behaviour, and then file a bug report.

sure, ill work on that tomorrow or monday :slight_smile: im going to do a complete uninstall and reinstall to just double check.