load egg file err

with panda180

with panda170

In Panda3D 1.8.0, you need to use either Unicode objects for your filenames, or if you use regular String objects you should ensure the filenames are utf-8 encoded.

In Panda3D 1.7.2, this wasn’t well-defined, and could vary from one platform to the other.

From the error messages, it appears that you are passing filenames that are regular String objects but are not utf-8 encoded.


is this code OK ?



def loadModel(self,main):
obj = loader.loadModel(u"models/Static/LowLevel/LowLevel",okMissing=True)

it got the same err message

In the screenshot, it appears that you are loading a series of filenames that contain Chinese characters. I assumed the problem was in the encoding of those filenames. If the filename contains only ASCII letters, there should not be a problem with the encoding.

Is there also a problem loading the ASCII filename you show?


all the model filenames contains only ASCII letters,but some texture files use by model contains Chinese characters.

Ah, the texture filenames in the egg files need to be utf-8 encoded as well.