LNK2001 Error

double distance(LVecBase3d low, LVecBase3d high);

double distance(LVecBase3d low, LVecBase3d high)
return (double) sqrt(pow(high.get_x() - low.get_x(), 2.0) + pow(high.get_y() - low.get_y(), 2.0));

error: LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “double __cdecl getDistance(class LVecBase3d,class LVecBase3d)” (?getDistance@@YANVLVecBase3d@@0@Z)

Any help would be great.

You called it distance, but are using it as getDistance.

For the record, there already is a get_distance in the LVector3f class, you don’t need to make your own function.

I just typed it incorrectly in here. I was in a hurry, but already closed the files and didn’t want to open them again.