Little help

Hey everyone. I hope this isn’t a trolling question… but anyone out there want to help me on a project? I’m needing some help with programming my fps network game to look and feel better. I know people are busy working on their own game and I only do this has a hobby, sometimes I can’t always work on it, so no big super rush or anything (doing it for fun and learning).

I always work better/faster when I can pass around ideas to see what others think. Plus work is linar atm, so 2x people is faster than 1x. I’m willing to help out too to bring your ideas into the game. My end goal is to turn my fps game into a mmo later on when the game gets bigger and better.

If you can do any of these, that be great.
-Arts-models 2-3d
-Another Programmer
-Main tester for most of the sub builds
-Someone with a linux os to make sure everything works over there. Not fully needed, but it be nice to make sure it works on or mostly on all the main two os out there. I know theres more than thos two, I just mean most people use either one of thos.

Mainly using python, panda 3d, and a gpu program called deled to make models. None of them are required for say; they just have to work togather if you know what I mean.

Have you checked out You could request art assistance and/or assets on their forum.

I may be able to help there, and I want to, but I have my limits. After browsing through your latest build’s data directories, I have come to believe your game is OK for me test so far. Do you want to establish a faster private line of communication with me, or just use the forum to keep things up to date?

Wow, I’ll have to check out OpenGameArt. Looks perty neat.

As for getting a hold of each other, we can use the pms and/or I have my yahoo setup for YIM.

There wont be too much os testing; a lot of the os testing will come with added os commands to make sure both os uses them. For example, the current patch system uses os calls to unzip data. Astelix was using linux at the time and came across this error in the unziping funation, so when small things like that come up, we need to test to make sure it works on both os. I usally “rebuild” sub builds onces a week, so there shouldnt be too many. Would that be ok with you? (for the limit you said) I also usally comment my errors, so you should be able to tell me what error you get in english lol.

I guess we’ll use PM then since I use only XMPP (mainly) and IRC (Panda3D channel).

That’s not what I meant by “limit”, and I acknowledge that the misinterpretation was due to my own purposeful vagueness. The frequency of test requests (daily, weekly, whenever) is not an issue for me.

Great, seeing as English is my primary (and unfortunately sole) language.

I’m sorry to post offtopic, but isn’t this a good place for panda3d sample assets?

I can also help, if at first mainly with suggestions, bug reports and such, at some point I might also come up with code patches and stuff like that.
Some sort of CVS approach could work.

OGA needs art; Panda3D needs art; OGA attracts artists; Panda3D needs artists; artists want to see their works used. Do you smell mutual benefits in the air? (Or is that just the scent of the inevitable defeat of our competitors? Hmm… has a hint of Unity to it. :wink:) I’ve already registered there and helped get their presence onto I plan to release assets I’ve made onto there as well in the future.

Depending on the development model adr desires to use, that might not be such a bad idea. (Of course, precisely which version control software to use is up to his preference. I personally prefer Bazaar, but of course my preference is irrelevant.)

I’ve ask the deled commuity to see if they would like to help out with the 2d-3d models/textures too. Hopfuly someone will like to come along and learn what it takes.

Yea sure ^^ bug reports and suggestions are what I want to hear and see:P We’re have to figure out what approach works best for CVS.

Don’t sell your self short. Right now I’m working to see whitch is the best apporch to spreading the work around, so all options are open on how you want to do it. seems to be the best place to hold it, but not sure how to go about adding anything atm. This is my frist time working with a team over the net, so if you have any insight on how to make it go smoothly, It"ll be most appreciated. I look up Bazaar, but got many other websites. Could you post a link so I could look into it?

The Only thing is I still want to keep the owner ship of the main probject/code if thats cool. Aka, I think I’m going for the BSD License, but all credit will be given. Sadly, most gamers wont care who work on the game tho. I hope thats ok with you all? If not, tell me why and I’ll look into that too.

Bazaar is the version control software developed by Canonical Ltd. et al and used most popularly by the Launchpad service.

Here is a link to Bazaar:
And here is a link to the official Launchpad service:
If you decide you want to give Launchpad a try, but you want to run your own local copy of it, then here is a link that will help you out:

Again, it is entirely up to you. You can go with whatever; CVS, Subversion (SVN), Bazaar (bzr), and Git are examples.

It’s your project. Whatever you develop is copyrighted to you, and you have the say as to how that copyright is distributed. You can even declare that any patches submitted automatically fall under your copyright, so if a developer submits a patch, then it’s an implied agreement. Now, if you manage to snag another programmer who refuses to hand over his or her works’ copyrights to you, then you’ll have yourself a nice little dilemma, and it’ll be up to you as to how to handle the issue.

Sweet, I’ll take a look at it. Seems Bazaar supported by, so I’ll go on and start the move to It’ll take me a while to load up all the files and setup w/e else is needed. I’ll keep you inform on whats going on there.

I did find a 3d artest that may want to join us. Not 100% if he is or not.

I guess if copyright gets in the way… we’re have to say sorry=/, but like I said before. Everyone who puts their work in will get credited. Even if it’s a change in how the code works.

I will not be putting up the server code tho. This is cus of how the server login to setup the ip trangulation back to me. Sucks not having a static ip address lol.

Ok ^^ I got most of the code and projects up on Still a little lost on how to use Bazaar, so may have to show me how that works.

I need to fixs a few things on the client app then I’ll be done uploading the last of it. I say by monday it should all be done. Unless the girl wants me to go out again lol, Jokes :slight_smile:.

Again, I wont be uploading the server, but I’ll add in some server codes and accounts for the main programmers, so they can keep on working with out having to call me up to upload or refresh the server or w/e.

Atm, the client code… is a big mess, so I’m going back to comment things out and editing some smaller code patches so everyone should know and why the code was writen in said “x” way.