List watched topics in forum (or bookmarking)

Hi all,

There is a lot of great information on this forum but it can be a bit tricky to find sometimes… Once you have found an interesting topic/thread/discussion it would be nice to be able to get back to it in a simple and expedient manner… Of course you can bookmark in your browser but I would prefer if we could have some listing of favorite topics directly on the forum… My browser bookmarks are just a mess… :slight_smile:

I checked for existing phpbb2-mods with this functionality and found these two: … ib_id=1773 … ib_id=1197

The one with a listing of watched topics seems like it should do the trick in a clean way…

So, is there someone with access to the forum setup who might be persuaded to take a look at this? :slight_smile:


That would be a great option that everyone could benefit of, just like the “unanswered posts” page that you can find in my SIG.

Not sure, but I think a more “stiky” idea would be a good idea, too. Stiky the most ask questions to the top of the forum board. For example, collision- link them to the manual and astelix examples in code snippets or/and Egg Octree post, too.

“unanswered posts” needs to have a link on the forum, but with limit use… so like if a post goes unanswerd for 2 weeks+ that post doesn’t really need to be answerd anymore because the user either by now has the answer, or has left panda 3d by then.

Unanswered is already there, at the top of the main page of the forum.

We just need the “Subscribed threads” mod/link…

No one?

+1 on watched topics.

+1 for watched topics (RSS-feed)

+1 browser based bookmarking
-1 based bookmarking

+1 a browser that checks marked pages for new content.

The egosearch is ok for me since I tend to contribute on the threads I’m interested in. It just needs a “Mark all topics read” like the individual forums have.

The Chrome plug-in wouldn’t be awful if you could use the thread setting at the bottom, “Display posts from previous:”, set to “Newest first”, so you don’t have to account for second pages. Someone has to know Javascript around here. You could almost make the extension just a stub and do the lifting in Python.

I really don’t know if you could parse the date out of something, or you’d have to download the whole first (that is, newest) pageful, and what changes pages are susceptible to that aren’t new posts.

I think RSS would be both panda-side and browser-side, so a ‘sticky’ or a ‘watched’ could be easier by that comparison.

There are email notifications implemented, now i dont know does some function check all posts in topic and then mails to posters, or each topic has a list of users that posted something. If later is the case, it shouldnt be hard to add link which would add you to that list.

I don’t know what our deal is with phpbb. If it’s possible to change the PHP source, we could just change the egosearch to include favorite topics.

…WHERE ‘author’ = user OR ‘watched’ = TRUE

I think there would be a JOIN in there.

Of course, I wish we could make our own search queries.

Actually, I’d be happy to take a look at the table defs if someone wants, and try my hand at writing one query or another; it sounds like an area people don’t have huge amounts of time. Someone can just MSG me with a link or file or something. No promises.

That would do the trick, I guess…


You don’t sound enthusiastic. If that change isn’t hard, then wouldn’t it be the same difficulty to add a ‘watched topics’ page?

Yes, well, we still have this question.


Have the query_id in the body somewhere, so you don’t have to look at the address bar. -You looked for egosearch / newposts / unanswered / etc.

Also, I’d like to mark all as read in the results of a query.

Also, newposts seems to reset often, and isn’t reliable for attending. (Or, one shouldn’t be attending.)