List of known bugs in 1.6.2

I kind of want to collect all bugs in 1.6.2 so we can see if we need to release a 1.6.3 or directly go to 1.7.0.

  • Anisotropy bug (6622)
  • FPS meter shifted down (382982)
  • Dependency on .NET framework 3.5 (5995)
  • 3ds max exporter bugs (6506, 5016, 4998)
  • OpenCVTexture doesn’t work with webcam on Windows (357571)

Anything more, let’s hear it (also bugs that are already fixed.)

GPL violations!

We cant bundle NvCg and MMPEG together if MMPEG is linked statically or contains GPL stuff.

I’ve fixed that for the next release. I’ve stripped out things like AAC and H.264 support.

Thanks, you are the man!

A couple fixes to the distributed object code. Do you want specific files, or just the fact that 2 bugs were fixed, plus 1 added feature implemented?

Nah, I’ll pick everything up for 1.7.0 anyways. This thread is old, because there weren’t any replies I’ve already decided to release a 1.7.0 and not 1.6.3.