List of known bugs in 1.5.2

  1. I did zlib compression instead of lzma, indeed.
  2. It includes everything. That error is simply because you are missing a libjpeg-dev package. Those aren’t included in the thirdparty packages, they never were. Maybe in windows, but not on linux.

You’re right, I also need libtiff, glu, and osmesa. I already installed libpng before building gtk+ and wx, weeks ago. A clean build without maya, ossl, and directcam took 54 mins, not bad.
It runs great, thanks.

When will the real 1.5.3 come out? Pro maybe we should start taking matters into our own hands?

I have no doubt that it is needed.

Exactly. Unfortunately, I am too busy these days (as well :frowning:).
My guess is we need people who offer to make a build of Panda3D whenever the release date is there. Then Josh will still decide when he tags a new version, but he wouldn’t have to go through the whole process of building and packaging then.
You could contact him about this.

So i don’t think there is any one to tag the new version, test the tagged version or build the tag version. Grr…

Really this is starting to go down hill.

I very afraid of that too…