List of known bugs in 1.5.2

  • MSVCR71 missing.
  • Linux somehow got configured for OpenAL?
  • Add case-insensitivity to x-file parser
  • Packpanda --bam doesn’t handle .egg.pz correctly
  • Add ODE to release if pro-rsoft can get it compiling
  • Fix bug in GeoMipTerrain
  • Fix mayapandatool
  • GeoMipTerrain segfaults when using bruteforce rendering (fixed)

Oh! Josh, the x2egg exporter (latest CVS version I believe) still has the “case-sensitive” problem. Really, every .x around fails here, while they worked before. I could send you one of them, if you need.

Hi Josh, I think this haven’t been resolved:

Fix mayapandatool

I don’t want to sound like a broken record on this- but could you make it so that cubemaps could work at the same time as the automatic shader generator?

I’m sorry guys, I don’t know how much time I’m going to have for Panda3D development in the future. It’s not looking good right now.

What it comes down to is this: this community needs to become more independent of me. There’s no reason you have to wait for me all the time - you guys can do panda development too.

Yeah, I understand. My problem is mostly that I don’t know C. I’m not sure any of my code would be any good if I did.

i report the 1.5.2 x2egg didn’t work, pview for .x failed. mine run in windows XP.

Josh, if you need someone to help you compiling all this stuff, I’m available :slight_smile: Pity I don’t have dual-core. I’d be happy to help with other things as well, though.

Just a heads up, I can’t see any changes of mayapandatool commited to CVS. It’s been 2 days. How much time does it usually take to get the status updated ?

@pro-rsoft : how long did it take for a clean build there ? Was is thrashing all the time ?

ynjh_jo, the status gets updated immediately. When somebody commits, someone browsing the online repo will immediately see it. It probably didn’t get committed.

A clean build here took me hours. I don’t know exactly how much, I let it run overnight. Dunno if it was thrashing, but it probably was with my 256MB ram xD

pro-rsoft, it’s definitely trashing. … thunder%2A

Mine is 512 MB, and yes it happens too. Luckily it used to take only 1h:20m. And I use SATA1, how about you ?
I don’t think dual core helps if you don’t upgrade your mem, since you’re bound by disk read/write speed. 1 GB is ideal. It would help you from killing your HDD. :smiley:

Right, my RAM is indeed a problem. Don’t know about harddisk. But, I do think dual-core would work (if I got more RAM), since Panda has a multithreaded option to makepanda. Josh claims he can compile panda in somewhat around 10 minutes.

No wonder, Josh’s gear is quad-core, right ? And I believe he has more than 1 GB RAM.

Are you sure ? It’s the 8mm wide, 2mm thick (used to be) red data cable.

There still this problem with Depthmap here : ( still crash under ubuntu but not under windows )

It seems that Panda 1.5.3 was already tagged for weeks ago, but Josh seems to be quite busy these days.
So, another member of my project (who has dual-core) compiled Panda3D. Don’t see this as any offence or so, Josh, but my game project depends on a few bugfixes from 1.5.3. So, if we’d have a compiled version, we could continue with our game.
I thought it might be also of use to anyone else, so I uploaded it here:

EDIT: I removed my pre-release of 1.5.3, please download the newly released 1.5.3 from the download page instead!

Great! Thank you, pro-rsoft!

In fact, in my humble opinion, Josh would be glad if someone skilled would take responsibility on some parts of the work, so that Panda3D has more “producers” then “consumers”. (Of course, I don’t speak for Josh, this is just my opinion.) It is pity that I am not skilled and learned enough to contribute something to Panda development, but hope once I will be.


I downloaded the 1.5.3 release from pro-rsoft (thank you pro-rsoft) and found a bug in

Here is the diff that shows how i got it running again with --pyc and --bam switches:

akta@akta-desktop:~$ diff -u
---    2008-06-14 16:03:11.000000000 +0200
+++        2008-06-14 15:58:47.000000000 +0200
@@ -247,11 +247,11 @@

 def CompileFiles(file):
     if (os.path.isfile(file)):
-        if (string.endswith(".egg")):
+        if (file.endswith(".egg")):
             egg2bam(file, file[:-4]+'.bam')
-        elif (string.endswith(".egg.pz")):
+        elif (file.endswith(".egg.pz")):
             egg2bam(file, file[:-7]+'.bam')
-        elif (string.endswith(".py")):
+        elif (file.endswith(".py")):
         else: pass
     elif (os.path.isdir(file)):

( was the one included in 1.5.3)

I do not have much experience using diff, so i just diffed the easy way :slight_smile:


  1. pro-rsoft, the .exe is 80 MB, are the dlls compressed ?
  2. image formats libs aren’t available in the thirdparty :
    [size=75]g++ -ftemplate-depth-30 -fPIC -c -o built/tmp/pnmimagetypes_composite.o -I"/usr/include/python2.5" -I"built/tmp" -I"built/include" -Ipanda/src/pnmimagetypes -Ipanda/src/pnmimage -O2 -DBUILDING_PANDA panda/src/pnmimagetypes/pnmimagetypes_composite.cxx
    In file included from panda/src/pnmimagetypes/config_pnmimagetypes.cxx:26,
    from panda/src/pnmimagetypes/pnmimagetypes_composite1.cxx:1,
    from panda/src/pnmimagetypes/pnmimagetypes_composite.cxx:1:
    panda/src/pnmimagetypes/pnmFileTypeJPG.h:45:21: error: jpeglib.h: No such file or directory[/size]