List of events

Is there a comprehensive (or mostly) list of events that panda3d sends out. I was trying to figure out what event panda3d sends out on window resizes. By using messenger.toggleVerbose() and messenger.quiet() and actually resizing my window, I figured out that it’s ‘aspectRatioChanged’, but I was wondering if there was a list online or in the code that I could just look at. It might be really helpful for instances where I otherwise wouldn’t even know that panda sends out an event for something.

Internally, panda triggers the same event (referred to as window-event) for all window related events. This involves:

-focus gained
-focus lost
-client area resized
-probably creation and destruction also

so if the python part is throwing “aspectRatioChanged” it’s probably the same event for all of them, and the name is just partially misleading. Just toggle the verbose mode and put panda in windowed mode, then switch back and forth from another application, without resizing, you should receive an aspectRatioChanged event there too (I don’t use python so I can’t check).

Regardless of this, you are a pretty safe using only “aspectRatioChanged”.

IIRC, it’s messenger.getAllAccepting()