[Linux] Panda3D and libRocket

Hey !

I just found out that makepanda doesn’t detect libRocket if we don’t have a “boost_python” library.

I’m wondering if this should really be a dependency for building Panda3D with the libRocket ? I don’t have the boost_python library, and everything seems to be working fine anyway: it wasn’t required when building Rocket, so I’m guessing python scripting in Rocket is optional. Am I missing something here ?

If you don’t need Python support whatsoever, then it’s OK, I suppose. But most people will want Python support, so that’s why it’s marked as a dependency.

I’m trying to compile panda from CVS and makepanda can’t find my libRocket installation (also built from source). I have boost_python and the python bindings installed as well.

Is there a way to manually specify where these libraries are that I am missing in the manual? I also need FMOD support but I am not sure where makepanda looks for those files.

I’m on ubuntu 13.10 (saucy) x64–i’ve managed to get everything else I need working. sorry this is only tangentially related.

No, sorry. When you add the --verbose flag to makepanda, it’ll tell you how it figures that libRocket is missing, and you can use that information to figure out what you could rename/move to make it detect it properly.