linux framerate ok, still not smooth

ok, this is a question for the linuxusers out there…
i set up panda on my ubuntu 8.10.
the samples run with no errors, everything is fine.
but for some reason and although the framerate runs constant with 59.7,
the animations are not smooth.

i compiled panda myself, installed the nvidia drivers, pipetype = glxGraphicsPipe, 3d acceleration is on, tried other games like the world of goo demo or tuxracer, everthing smooth, but not so in panda…

what can i do?


Sounds like your monitor’s refresh rate. Put this in your /etc/Config.prc file:

sync-video 0

… this will allow framerates to go past the monitor refresh rate.

If animations aren’t smooth, you can interpolate them using this config var:

interpolate-frames 1

You can try that replied and this:

i was the same problem, if you are using compiz-fusion, disable it and try again…

TO really get speed out of Ubuntu- log out of gnome and run Xfce or ICeWM for win manager. MY XFCE loks almost identical to my Gnome but it it much faster and low memory usage especially on my video card!


xfce is cool! everything nice and fast :slight_smile:
thanks for your hints.
btw vsync 0 works too, but i use box2d and had problems to sync the physics.


Xfce is fast, because is light, i was suspecting that your computer is dual core or faster…