Linker flags! Where should they go?


I want to re-compile panda from source on osx. I completed several successfull build processes, but when i want to use py2app it complains about how the libraries have been linked. Now I would have to use a special flag when i link: ( -headerpad_max_install_names ) to prevent py2app from crashing.
My Question is:
Where should i define that special Linker Flag so it will be used throughout the whole build process? Which place is intended for that purpose? Is there also a place where I “should” put any compiler flags?

Every hint is welcome!

Try putting:

#define LFLAGS -headerpad_max_install_names

in your Config.pp file.


I have been working on a osx application for a while and never succeeded with py2app ( At the end i used platypus to call a simple bash script, setting all required environment variables. Changing the librarys manually (thats where py2app fails). You should be aware that you should link against the /Developer librarys of osx, especially if you use leopard.

If you get it running i’d be glad to hear about it.

Thank you all for helping me!

Hypnos: I am using /developer libs to link; I recompile panda, because py2app choked on my last version; this is why i want to try out the compiler flag i mentioned, -headerpad_max_install_names. I want to build universal libraries and binaries, i used lipo to fold ppc and i386 files into universal binaries. I hope that the linker flag helps py2app…