Linker Errors MSVC7.1

While trying to compile pview i got this errors:

pview error LNK2001: Nichtaufgelöstes externes Symbol "void * (__cdecl* global_operator_new)(unsigned int)" (?global_operator_new@@3P6APAXI@ZA)
pview error LNK2001: Nichtaufgelöstes externes Symbol "void (__cdecl* global_operator_delete)(void *)" (?global_operator_delete@@3P6AXPAX@ZA)

How can is solve this errors?
Are this panda errors or is it a configuration error of my MSVC7.1?

We’ve recently received similar reports.

Which build system are you using - makepanda, or ppremake?
What version of visual studio (I’m using 7.1.3088)?

And, what file is generating this error?

I have the same version of Visaul Studio.
I have a downloaded Panda3D-1.2.1
I try to compile pview

I still need to know what CXX file generated the error, and which build system you’re using.

The cxx file is: panda3d/panda/src/testbed/pview.cxx
I’ve downloaded the panda3d-1.2.1.exe from downloads page

Go ahead and log your entire build process to a file, start to finish. I need to be able to see the commands you typed, and all the compiler output. Send me the log and any configuration files you created.

  • Josh

OK, so I received your logfile. Allow me to explain what happened to the other readers of the forum. It turns out he’s not using either build system — neither ppremake, nor makepanda. He created his own project file. Apparently, what he’s trying to do is to write a C++ panda application by starting with the code of pview as a base. He’s using the include and lib files supplied with the distribution.

OK, so Martin: Usually, when we build panda applications, we use one of our two build systems (makepanda, or ppremake). Using a project file is fine, but when you do that, you have to make sure you pass the right compiler options. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know what the right options are. I can tell you this: when I use makepanda to compile pview, it uses these compiler options:

cl /Fobuilt/tmp/pview_pview.obj /nologo /c /Ithirdparty/win-python/include /Ithirdparty/win-libs-vc7/nspr/include /Ibuilt/tmp /Ipanda/src/testbed /Ibuilt/include /Zc:forScope /MD /Zi /RTCs /GS /Fdbuilt/tmp/pview_pview.pdb /EHsc /Zm300 /DWIN32_VC /DWIN32 /W3 panda/src/testbed/pview.cxx

Some of those, like /W3 and /nologo, are clearly not important. Others, like the include file directories, look like they are important — you probably have to download the thirdparty software from our website and include the relevant directories. Some of those options like /RTCs are pure gibberish to me — I used to know what they meant, but I’ve forgotten. I suspect the one that’s causing your problem might be /DWIN32_VC.

  • Josh

Thanks for your help
I’ll try it on the weekend