Lines on edges of distant polygons

Polygons outside of a radius of the camera have these lines around them. Is there a way to increase this radius or prevent the lines from being drawn?

I’d guess either a precision issue, or some rather bad mipmaps. So, try removing all your textures, and see if that effects it. Then you will know it its texture sampling related or not. I think you just can call something like a render.setTextureOff(someBigNumber) for that.

To check for z related precision issues, increase the min view distance and/or decrease the max view distance on your camera, and see if that effects anything.

Also, are you sure its view distance, not view angle related?

It’s mipmap related. It looks fine with textures off.

I’m procedurally generating the geometry and doing this for the textures:


If I set both to nearest, the lines don’t show up.


Thanks for the help

Your textures have other stuff next to the green area, which is getting blended in. You either need to avoid that (use the whole texture), adjust the sampling (as you already did, or possibly in a shader if you still want some mip-map like effects), or generate the mip-maps in a custom manner to avoid it (I have no idea how to do that with panda). Theres a section in this post about dealing with mip-maps for tiled textures (which I’m guessing you might be using): … &Itemid=47 Thats super hard-core fancy gfx coding though.