Is there a way to set lights and/or the color of a nodePath to above one without the use of shaders?

You can certainly set lights brighter than 1. You can also setColor() or setColorScale() brighter than 1. Without shaders, both the effect of lights and the effect of setColorScale() will be applied to the untextured vertex color (or polygon color) of your model, and there it will clamp to 1.0. Then the texture will be applied to that result.


Yeah thats what actually what I meant. Really I guess I want vertexColor*textureColor = finalColor where vertexColor isn’t clamped. Is this a Panda clamp or am I just remembering OpenGL/DirectX wrong… I thought you could do this, but I may be mistaken.

Nope, sorry. That’s the way the fixed-function pipeline in OpenGL/DirectX is built: the vertex color is clamped, then the texture is applied. It’s got nothing to do with Panda.