I’m new to Panda 3D and so far can do everything in it that we need it to do. but i want to know if you can light map in your 3D Program. I’m in no means a Programer and Lighting is extreamly importent to me as a Level designer, Modeler and Texturer. and i’m not much of a programmer…not one at all.
so in short. can the artist lightmap useing a graphical interface like Maya or some other Panda tool?

ok to more things.

how can i put the glowmap and a bump map on it? i know it’s probably stupid asking this. just looking for a more graphical way to do scene set ups so small brack down is there a way we can do lighting/lightmapping. complex texturing (bump, glow ext)?

For all I know (and that is not much, unfortunately, but I’ll still try :-)) your Panda programmer (you’ll need one!) should be able to get all your effects into your game.

How easy that is pretty much depends on the modelling software used, and on the Panda exporter available for this particular software. If you are comfortable with more than one software, and you are able to afford either one, you should maybe select based on the quality of the Panda exporter. You can find out about that in the “Pipeline” section of this forum.

Panda will allow you a preview of the effects in-game easily, once the “Pipeline” itself is working fine. Some effect tools might also help, like Nvidia’s free (as in beer) Cg browser, etc. But for Cg you’ll definitely need the help a programmer, too - at least in the beginning.

Well we’re useing Maya. I’m not sure what the pipeline is. I’ll have to go look at that. Our programmer is vary good so he should be able to figure it out.

so there really is no graphical interfacial way to do our lighting. bump mapping and glow effects inside Maya?

Well, while i was looking around the website under the manuel. I found the Panda tools. totaly over looked it. There isa lighting GUI in there. So I found i can just light the scene with that. So i don’t need to export lights or anything from maya. so in short. I answered my own question