I am not good at all with lighting.

I need to light a large outdoor environment.

What is the best way to do this?

Any lighting tips would be greatly appreciated!

Here is another strange problem I am having:

I have a model that was imported into Blender from Maya (as a .dae). Maya models use a Y up system. I correct this in Blender, then export to .egg

The problem is the lighting is effecting these models as if they are still Y up! For example, I have a point light directly above a landscape created in Blender. I then add a house model that came from Maya. While the landscape is lighted correctly, the house is lighted as if the light was to the side of it, and not the top.

Any ideas?

Have you tried a directional light?

Yes, and that part is working great. Some of my models are not lighted correctly because of the problem in my second post.

The way I’m using and I don’t know if it good or not but some times work

1-Use Ambient light to light up wall scene (but make all your models [size=150]textured[/size] to be rendered in good quality or else the quality will be very poor)…then you may use also point and/or directional light if the scene needs

2- a second solution is to use a spot light with setFov to make it like a round spot then put its z coordinate to high value (you can make all the models in your scene small enough to make the light cover it well)

Maybe someone else has another solution

How did you correct that? Had you rotated the model in Blender? In the case, after that, did you apply the transformation to the object (I don’t remember if Chicken is affected by this, some Blender exporters are, but you can try)?

How does the model look in pview?

That’s weird. Maybe you can post here a simple model (and a simple program that displays it) that reproduce the problem. Or, if you’re sure that it’s an exporter issue, you can signal it in the official tracker.