Lighting Technique

Can I have some lighting technique to provide a lighting mood such as sunrise sunset midnight?

Could you expand on what you’re looking for, please? Specifically:

  • What sort of scene do you have? (2D, 3D, isometric perspective, first-person, etc.)

  • What art-style do you intend? (Realistic? Stylised? If the latter, stylised in what way?)

  • And finally, what is the scope of the effect that you want?

    • That is, do you just want to change the look of objects in the world? Do you want to have light-beams? Do you want to render a realistic sky? And so on.
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  • I plan to build a Low poly 3D Bird’s eye view game.

  • I would like to make my game have a lighting mood (like a photo filter)
    (looks bright in day, looks dusky in sunset, looks gloomy when it rains and looks dark in night)

thank you

Okay, fair enough–thank you for the clarification!

Well, a simple solution–presuming that you’re using lights in your scenes–might be to just pick light-colours that suit the time of day: red-oranges in the evening, blues at night, etc. Then, when you switch times of day, you simply update the colours of your lights as appropriate.

A more complex solution might be to design a shader that tints your scene. This would potentially allow for more-detailed control over the look and feel of the scene.

Thank you for your answer. :heart_eyes:

May I ask how to soften a shadow of objects or reduce shadow’s opacity?

An ambient light should do that, I imagine! See this manual page for more information.