Lighting problem


I am currently developing a racing simulator. I have a lightning problem: my car headlight doesn’t look good:

But I cut my road with litle polygons:

This is possible to smooth the light edges?

I have try the per-pixel lighting shader but the result is too slow (1-4 fps!)

Thanks in advance!


yes, you can do this by keeping the mesh low-polygon and using per-pixel lighting:


which will enable automatic generation of shaders for everything in the scene. you can also apply that to just a specific NodePath and its children, instead of everything under render.


Thanks for this !

Do you know where to find lowpolygon 3D model?
Or do you know how reduce the number of vertices of a 3d model? this is possible in Panda3d?

Good day.


Panda does not do polygon reduction.
You are at the mercy of whoever makes the model (if you make it yourself, no problem :slight_smile:).

Ok thanks I will looking for low-polygon mesh with my friend google :smiley: