lighting in egg

Hi there,

I have a floor which it is bright when lighted from one side, but very dark when lighted from another side. I want it to have the same color no matter how the lighting is turned. Object is exported from blender using yabee.

Picture from one side: (bright floor)
Same Lighting, same scene only went around the corner and turned around: (dark floor)

The main Problem with that is I am forming a maze and to fit everything i am rotating the parts around. So a hallway looks like that:

I would really like the floor to have the same color no matter in which direction I go around…

The egg:

Thanks in advance for any help. Would be appreciated!

Solved by wezu, rdb and tobspr in IRC. The normalmap seems to be weird.

This is a problem due to the fact that the scene is not single mesh.

It is necessary to export object as one mesh