Lighting - How to create a lightbulb


In reviewing the manual for Lighting and the demo code, it was my understanding that a point light functioned as a light source like a candle, lightbulb or the sun on a clear day.

So to test, I created a sphere and a point light at location 0.0.0.
The light illuminates other objects in the scene, however the surface of the shere remains dark. I do not see the “shine” indicating the light is inside of it.

Is there some texture definition required to scatter the light as it exits the sphere?

You’d need to apply your own materials to the sphere to get the sphere itself glowing – and set the color yourself. That sounds like a reasonable solution to me.
I guess the sphere itself is not lit since its normals are always facing away from the light – a setTwoSided might help, but I doubt it. If you were inside the sphere and it would be inside-out, you’d definitely see that it’s lit then, since the normals would be facing the light.

I recommend just setting a color/material and applying a glow effect, though.