Light Shadows

Hi everyone!
I want to light the scene with directional light and i set shadow of models on the terrain but i cant.
I set light and setShadowCaster on it and render.setShaderAuto(), but i cant see the shadows.
Is panda3d capable of rendering shadows of directional light?I want built in function. I found Parallel-Split Shadow Maps (PSSM) but it is too complex.
Thank you.

You must set the lens correctly. This mean setting the clip planes and the film size in such way that everything you want to cast or receive shadows is within the frustum. And then it will work. You can make the frustum visible to make it easier.

Note, however, that the built-in directional light shadows are not well suited for large environments. For that, you will need PSSM or something similar.

I really need this functionality too - anyone have a working PSSM implementation, or an implementation of a shadow map algorithm that can deal with large outdoor scenes?

There’s one in the bottom of this page … ft-shadows