Light quality

Hello everybody…
I was making a small game where I want to put light for a lamp (spot light)…but the result was very poor.
I tried also to distribute a night light in a room in a house but it wasn’t distributed normally and the result was bad too.
Is there a way to make the lighting quality better than that…just like graphic engines (Blender,3D Max,…)

Thanks in advance

I think you need to be a lot more specific. “Bad quality” could mean all sorts of things, and no one will have any idea how to fix whatever problem you’re not explaining to us.

One common problem people have is not providing enough vertices for lighting to work effectively. If that’s the case, then one easy solution is to turn on the auto-shader:


There are other implications for turning on the auto-shader, but one thing it does is enable per-pixel lighting instead of per-vertex lighting, so it no longer matters how many vertices you have.


Also you’re probably missing ambient light. A spot light alone only lights what’s in its cone of effect. This means, everything outside that effect area will stay pure black.
For a realistic looking night scene inside a building you’ll need at least an ambient light, spot lights shining in through windows and as last your “actual lightsources” like bulbs, candles etc.

Please notice, that realtime applications are’t capable of radiosity or light forwarding or anything like that yet (unless you have some nice shaders and a high-end graphics card).

What you’re talking here about? MY GF8500gt can do real-time radiosity on a mid-complex scene at nice 25-30fps!

The problem is that I wasn’t use ambient light because it was looking bad with my texture neither a realistic scene nor a cartoon scene (something in between)

In the night light of the house I tried to use directional light but I found that some walls are black and the others are lighted that make the scene looked bad…I have to put two directional lights and try to adjust angles till I got crazy to make it uniformly distributed

could you please put a screenshot…I have GF8400 so I want to see if there are any difference

Hey D_A_M_H,
I’d guess your models just have wrong material settings. play around with specularity, diffuse and shininess.

I found some stuff using realtime-radiosity: looks very “basic” but can propably even be done with panda (by someone more advanced than me) is very impressive but i have no idea how/if that could be added to panda, too.