licensing sourcecode?

I see people put their open source license text on very top of the modules…
But do you need to put it in every single module, or just the main one which imports others?
Like Panda’s module doesn’t contain any license information.

Generally you can just put the license in the root directory (top of the module), it helps to add a note at the top of each source file ( for instance) which says what project it belongs to (panda) who worked on that file (developer) and that the license is in the root directory.

It’s really up to you how you want to, though.

If the licence text is long, you can also drop a note at the top of each file: “This file is part of project X. It is licensed under the Restrictive Beyond Belief License. Licence text can be found in doc/COPYING” or something like that.

So P3D 1.8 is full of modules with Licenses?

Is this a 1.8 thing or has it occurred with all versions?

Was not aware of this.

I don’t know what you mean. Panda3D’s source is mostly licensed under the modified BSD license.