License (and the FMOD debate)

Hi guys - I just signed up and downloaded the latest beta, and decided to trawl the forums - I’m a tad concerned about the licensing issue, specifically relating to the use of FMOD.

With a freeware title, FMOD is free, but if somebody decides to sell their product, depending on the distribution route and projected sales, a fee of some sort is payable to the FMOD guys. Is this correct?



(I actually work for Disney, mind you - do we have some sort of blanket license with FMOD?)

Yes, thats correct. To solve that you’d have to recompile panda3d without FMOD or Miles and add your own sound library.

Atm I’m working on python bindings for the audiere library; a .pyd file you can import into your projects.
If someone else would work with me to include it in panda it self, I’d do that. For now, if ppl are interested, I’ll just release the pyd file (This will prolly also be included in the official audiere release, but I’m making a special build for my panda app’s).

Nice to have Disney people crawling the forums :slight_smile:

Hmm, but I’m not involved in Panda - although I am in the games development division :slight_smile:


I am not sure Disney even uses FMod, indicated by David in this post:

The best person to ask would probably be David himself.

I remember that David or Josh mentioned they where using the Miles lib for Disney.

That’s right; the Disney VR Studio uses Miles Sound System as our audio library. It’s not any cheaper than FMod, and we don’t have a blanket license with the rest of the company. :frowning:


I look forward to seeing the audiere bindings. When you’re done, could you send them in?

Sure, they wont be integrated in panda yet though. Its just a python dll file…