librocket: no text rendering


Just trying to get librocket working in 1.8
I got demo.rml from librocket samples showing, but not texts! Looking at librocket docs, looks like fonts must be loaded manually with LoadFontFace method, since librocket doesnt have default one.
But I cant find any point where I can do it in panda: it must be called on Rocket::Core::FontDatabase, but looks like no binding?

Anybody has working text in librocket?

Thanks for any help

In the other thread, I posted a quick and dirty sample:

You can see how it calls LoadFontFace there.

It’s as simple as

from panda3d.rocket import LoadFontFace
LoadFontFace("DejaVuSans.ttf")  # or whatever your font file is

Remember, though, that the font you specify in RCSS is NOT necessarily the same as the file name, but the font name as it is named inside the font file. To see that you need to view/open the file with a font viewer (e.g. gnome-font-viewer on linux).

Oops, am too stupid and forgot about python introspection.
Now all works, thanks to rdb/Nemesis!