librocket and panda[SOLVED]


I was using cegui until now, but because it is not easy for me to create package to use with pdeploy, I think I will migrate to librocket which is in standard panda for now.

But librocket is totally new for me. I have taken a look to the examples, but my difficulty is to understant how panda can interact with librocket window.

For example, I click on a panda object, and I wish to show a popup with information. I need to give parameters to the window like id of the panda object.
How to do that?

Is it possible to define a function in the window, and to call it from game program? (for example, I have new informations from network, and I need to refresh the data in the window, can I call a refresh into the window?)

Thank you

in Rocket you can either call functions on a document like this

document = context.LoadDocument("whatever.rml")

elem = document.GetelementById("titlebar")
elem.inner_rml = "Hi, I'm a title!"

or you can use any Python code in


Tags inside of RML.
Python can basically be used in all forms JavaScript can be used in HTML.