Level Editor

I heard there was a command in Panda3D that would let you view the Toontown Levels , in a window. I also found it on this page :http://www.python.org/pycon/dc2004/papers/29/
Anyone know how to open the TT files in a level editor ?

Level Editor and DIRECT Tools for Toontown

Hi t4tav,

No, that level editor your showing was developed by Disney VR for their ToonTown game.

I believe the tool your asking about is pview. With it, you can view the environments and other models of the Panda3d engine.

There is, however, an editor of sorts, but I personnaly don’t use it. It’s called the scene editor. It’s been very buggy though.

Hi , I know about pview , ive been using it for a while , i just wondered wether panda3d or pyhon could open files like that picture !