Level editor and also....


I cannot find a level editor in the panda folder, is there’s one?
Or we make maps in blender?

Btw: I’m using Blender 2.5 alpha 2 and this is the more awesome blender version I ever downloaded I can make many thing’s witch I was not able to do in blender 2.49b
I probably got 2% of chance that I will get a positive reply, but, is there’s a way to export in .egg files with blender 2.5?

My last chance to make maps is to know is there’s a BSP kind of plugin, if yes: can I male a maps In the source SDK (Hammer: Valve world editor)?

And is it can be (will be an utopia ^^) export the VTF texture ( :open_mouth: )

Thanks in advence for replying :slight_smile:

I recall there was a level editor in the works, but I have not heard anything on it in a while. Blender is your best bet!

See this thread.


You can’t yet export from Blender 2.5 - I intend to start work on that exporter relatively soon, but have too much on my plate right now, and its wise to wait until its out of alpha status anyway, as the api could still change. You might be able to open Blender 2.5 .blend files using Blender 2.49 however - Blender has always had a degree of back compatibility with .blend files, allowing you to do that with various amount of success. They might of broken that with the 2.49 to 2.5 transition though.

for bsp support see discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=7920

From blender 2.5, you can export to the COLLADA format though, and import that into Panda3D.

well bsp support is far from complete, it’s not even yet a convenient to use tool. for now it only supports quake3 bsp files. i dunno if hammer can output those, but i belive it can save .map files which can be compiled into quake3 bsp.

if you want to use the bsp converter feel free to contact me,and i’ll polish it up a little and see if i can add the features you need.

Thank you for all those answer!

I use hammer for a while and i only see an export .dxf
(witch it can be imported in blender 2.49b, but “ultra-mega-and-whatever-other-word-to-tell-it’s-super-super-sized”)

if you see a .map exporter in hammer, then am stupid

are you trying to tell me that you have aome kind of awesome converter?

so there’s a COLLADA feature in panda, this is great!
I remender when i import a COLLADA file in blender, the faces where splited in triangle.
If i export in dae file, is the face will be splited in triangle, if no, (warning, the following question may be stupid) is the square faces will make some problem on my render?


well i do have a basic quake3 bsp -> egg converter here. it convertes pretty much all the levelgeometry, vertex colors and excracts the lightmaps. if you provide the textures it’ll load just fine. have a look at the link posted above.

your hardware can only deal with triangles. they’ll be automatically converted to tris. so no real problem unless you have extremly deformed quads.

thanks for these helpful information mate :slight_smile:

so i will maybe continue with blender to make maps, or find a somekind of quake 3 level editor.

thanks again!