Learning panda3d

Hi, I recently found out about panda3D. I have half a years worth of python experience from a programming class i took in college for my degree. The most complex program ive written was a text based connect4 game about 100 lines long. I’ve always dreamed of creating games and at first i was disappointed that we were learning python instead of C++ because of performance issues. That’s why panda3D was such an exciting find for me with the whole C++ core stuff for performance. The problem is that i really don’t know where to start. I checked out the manual and i went through the hello world program and i follow the code for the most part. I searched on google for awhile for more lessons but there just aren’t any. I’ve read that it’s good to start out making lots of small programs but even so i’m in a stupor on how to go about it. Anyone have any suggestions on what steps i should take?

hi, welcome to panda

after reading the first few chapters of the manual to get the basic idea you may want to continue with looking at the sample applications which come with your panda installation. the solar-system sample beeing the most basic one. start from there, add your own stuff step by step. if you have a specific question about how to solve a particular problem or how to do something, feel free to search the forum and ask :slight_smile:

there is no walkthrough panda tutorial or so. (not yet). be sure to keep the samples and the manual around when programming. they contain answers to many common things you may want to do.

Hi, I’d definitely read the manual, it helps tons. After that I’d take a look at the sample programs shipped with the distribution of panda (on windows you can find these in start>program files>panda3d>samples>select one) the sample programs helped me heaps and they’ll help you learn nearly everything you need to know. For other examples and tutorials there are some great ones inside the Code Snippets area of the forums, and judging from your post it sounds like you understand python well? Otherwise I’d read into some general python documentation of classes, arrays, variables, and some standard operations on dictionaries…

Trust me you’ve chosen the right engine :smiley:

So yeah take a look at the sample program’s they will help alot, you’ll soon get the idea of how they’re all made and it’s really fun after you learn it a bit :smiley:

Also note that everyone here is really nice and we’d be more than glad to help you if you get stuck or need help with something :smiley:

EDIT:: beaten by the Thomas :smiley:

Thanks for the help and support :slight_smile: