Leap Motion and Panda3D

I’ve been using Panda3D to implement a data visualization application at work. I spent some time over the past week implementing a Leap Motion interface for it.* The Leap SDK includes a Python API which is very easy to use. It works out of the box with Panda3D 1.8.1.

The Leap device seems to get along well with Panda3D. I’d been concerned about complications with multi-threading, since the Leap Listener class uses multi-threaded callbacks; but for whatever reason, I haven’t experienced any crashes.

The device can be quirky, at least with the current version of the driver, so it did take several attempts to design a UI that was reasonably intuitive and not flaky. But it was definitely worth the effort - gestures are a very natural fit.

  • I’m not in the developer program; I just bought a consumer device and downloaded the SDK.

I can see some very cool things being done with this and artoolkit.