Lazy Ninjas Grid Engine Beggining

Hi all,
well seems that my 2nd inmersion on Panda3d is giving some results.

I’m finishing the first stage of what i think it really can be a complete 3d grid based videogame with a little bit of luck, a project called

[size=150]LAZYNINJAENGINE [/size]

for the moment :wink:

I just put together a googledoc webpage with some info on the project and a few screenshots i took on the fly while walking a little bit around the world…

Have a look at the website:

A screenshot:

As always i would be happy to have some feedback questions help and and everything, and thanks again to you all, this forum is really active and usefull

As i said in the website, i’m looking for a 3d modeler who wants to help -for free this is hobby- with some modelling and animation, so if you file like to just contact me!

Ninja models are provisionaly borrowed from Team Cold Perfection of DevryUniversity for their project Whitewash.

Enjoy, in a few days i’ll intend to publish some code.

the screenshots are looking really awesome!
what about the license? in other words: may i take some useful snippets out? (of course, you’ll get credited)

have a nice day,

well i would never had been able to start programming these if was not for the code snippets of a thowsand people :bulb:

This is a project i’m making esencially to learn and get better, it’s always more easy to learn by creating something on your own that somehow puts you on and experimenting with it, and i hope more people can learn something in the way…