Launchpad, bugtracker and blueprints

Pro-rsoft and me been trying out new tool to keep suggestions and bugs in check. The tool i picked was launchpad.

Launchpad has your standard bug tracker that deals with bug’s priority and assignment. Any one should be able to report bugs there as soon as they get account. I felt that many of the bugs where getting forgotten and not fixed. Common case is when work around is found but at the bug itself remains.

We used this bug tracker to track bugs in 1.5.3 but its been put to real use in 1.5.4 bug hunt. As you might know 1.5.3 was kind of a turning point when Josh left maintainer spot for panda3d and after couple month pro and i decided to take over. Hopefully with the help of community we can help to fix bugs and provide community releases. Our first order of business was the new license. Panda3d license has changed a long time ago to BSD but we had no true BSD release. Needless to say that 1.5.3 release was hectic but we manage to pull it off. After using the launchpad bug tracker we discovered more and more bugs that otherwise would have been left unnoticed or forgotten. After seen all of them we agreed on a 1.5.4 release that would be as the final bug fix release for 1.5.x series. And this is where the bug tracking system really shined.

Another cool aspect of launchpad is the blueprint system. With blueprints one can request features or start discussions on them without filling up the bug tracker. Blueprints also have life of their own with approvers, implementers and even mentors. It is really and interesting system. As more goals get put into the blueprint system one could look back and see where panda3d is going and how soon we plan to get there. This tool has been massive help with the 1.6.0 release. The 1.6.0 release is not as stable release but will contain wealth of new features: the important ones being MacOSX official binary, Collada reader and mine some what humble comparatively pyro system. I don’t think we could have pulled the feature coordination for 1.6.0 without the blueprints in launchpad - i feel we would have been stuck on emails and forum postings in one big disorganized sludge.

I think the bug tracker and the spec tracker are a great tools that would help to move Panda3D into more open source mentality and help build richer open source community. When its very easy to find some thing to work on and very easy to contribute to this some thing we will get more contributes.

And without further hesitation i give you the link:

I’m really excited to see the Panda3D launchpad, er, launch. I think this is the beginning of a new era in Panda’s life–my hope is to see it migrate from a Disney project that’s useful to the community, to a true community-built and community-maintained project that’s useful to Disney.

Major kudos to treeform and pro-rsoft for taking the initiative and setting this up!


nice one :slight_smile:

I’m adding patches/bug reports on my quest to get panda compiling and running with OSX.


Yoh, Well done !

Is the thing open to “python side” extensions / helpers for Panda3D or does it only concerns the C++ engine behind?

yes its open to all and any kind of extension, python side, doc side - if you want some one to improve something file a blueprint; if you find a bug - file a bug.

this is very good.
We will try to add some input.

beside you have good taste, you took the panda pic I made as a proposal long ago. :wink: (it was a quick modification of someone else pic, so it is not really mine.).

So, what is the current preferred way of checking out source? Is it still cvs from sourceforge or ???

Yes, CVS from sourceforge. You’ll also need the thirdparty packages from the download page.

If you run OSX, you need to find the value for SIMPLE_THREADS and HAVE_THREADS in and change them from 1 to UNDEF .

Any plans for moving off of CVS? Just curious.

My understanding is no, all of DIsney’s production chain relies on cvs, and it would take time to take for them to convert.

No. Why would we migrate off CVS? Don’t touch something that works perfectly.

I don’t know how easy it will be for community to find bugs, especially since I believe most are still learning.
lol I always assume I am the one making a mistake when something doesn’t work…

Well, at least every crash without error message counts to me as a bug.

This is a very good thing.

Just to put in into discussion: Have you seen Origo, yet?