Language Translators

I came across this page while surfing the net. … =en&dst=pl

I believe there are others like it.


The problem is it’s a bad translation. ‘Witaj każdy jeden’ it’s like ‘hello every single one[that is not female]’ it should be ‘Witajcie wszyscy’ or ‘Witam wszystkich’.

And it is. If you write “everyone” correctly…

What I wonder is what is the point of this thread? Google Translate, for instance, has been around for some years now, how are online translators anything new?

The point to the thread is obvious…why ask such a question? Not everyone is looking for a way to translate language. I for one has never looked into this until now, so it’s new for me. The thread is to alert anyone (like myself) who has never looked into language translation online before.

Nothing more and nothing less than that. No big deal. I do find wezu’s comment interesting.


As coppertop pointed out, “hello every one” is not correct, it’s supposed to be “hello everyone”. The translation was actually correct.

But this thread is still completely off-topic and irrelevant to anything related to 3D programming, so I’m closing it.