Keycontrol not working [panda3d & linux]

HEllo programmers!!
I am having no idea actually what to do
I am making a menue option in panda3d by this code (618 Bytes)

Now i want to move that ralph according to the key press
I mean:
if down key is pressed the ralph got to the one step down and so on

Please help!!!
Thank you so much for your time

Have you looked at the Roaming Ralph sample? That should give you some idea of how to handle key-presses, I think.

The basic idea is to use the “accept” method of the “ShowBase” class to detect a key being pressed, and then respond to the press in the method that you pass to “accept”. (Note that your “MyApp” class is a sub-class of “ShowBase”, and thus has the “accept” method.)

The Roaming Ralph example shows one approach, and I believe that the manual has further information the elements used, such as tasks and events, if you desire.

First you shoild try reinstalling the program
If you are using outside the class use base.accept()
That is what i am doing

I’m not clear on what you’re saying, my apologies. What program should I try to reinstall?

As to “base.accept”, if I recall correctly, if you’re sub-classing ShowBase then in simple usage it should amount to the same thing as calling “accept” from some instance of your sub-class.

Either way, it should work in much the same way as the code in Ralph, I would imagine–unless you’re doing something very different. If so, could you please share a more detailed explanation of what you’re attempting?