Key Mapping Conflict - The Panda Within

I’m having issues when pressing the left arrow key for an action while the spacebar and up arrow keys are pressed (held down).

The left arrow key is in fact not registering while the up arrow key and space bar are all held together. This is the only key combo that has that issue from what I can see, and the problem is not code related.

Must be an error within Panda’s key mapping structure. I don’t have actions triggering by holding down left, up and space bar together, but if a player is holding up and hits space for a jump and decides to steer left by pressing left, the left press will not register. I can even hold down up, space and right and everything is perfect.

Not a major issue that’ll ruin the game, but one that could be noticeable. I don’t want to use w, a, s, d since my project is not a mouse useable game; but may consider it later on.

Master rdb (rbd), fix this.


Just kidding.

The issue is in your keyboard’s design, not Panda.

I also did never notice this kind of behaviour, neither with directObject.accept() or inputWatcher, so it must be your keyboard. Or maybe it’s bad code? Try it with different keyboard, and see if error persists.

good old n-rollover problem.
even worse, (but not your current problem), usb keyboards only detects a maximum of 6 keypresses + modifiers.

I’m going to eliminate the right key action when holding up and spacebare. That will make things look more normal since the left key will not respond in that combination (up, space).

There’s no need for a(n) up, space with left or right in my project anyway.

Never had keymapping conflict with any of my PC games though (with the same keyboard).

Cheers! :smiley:

Looks like a dust problem to me, I already had this :wink: