jython panda3d and small file size games

Ok all, the first question i want to tackle is this - When i use packpanda --dir C:\users\flips\desktop\example to pack a test application that only contains an empty main.py i end up with a 228mb exe. Surely theres a way to have packpanda pack only the resources it needs? second, jython with panda3d. Its not even possible right? as jytyhon is a JAVA library (wrapper?) since panda3d is all c libraries it wouldnt work right? (i only ask as using panda3d with jython to make a .jar would be EPIC) any thoughts/input on this would be greatly appreciated :smiley: Thanks in advance for any ideas you guys have in this :slight_smile:

packpanda was never very good at identifying the pieces that are actually used. However, packpanda is no longer supported; its successor is pdeploy, which generally does a better job of isolating the parts of Panda that are actually required. Note that it will still be a sizeable executable, however.

Jython is not an option, sorry.