Just One and Your Done

I can’t figure out how to make something happen only once when the right mouse button is released (or any button for that matter). I keep looking through the manual and the tutorials but no matter what I try the function that I call just keeps repeating as long as the key isn’t pressed. How can I do this?

Normally I would just set up some variables and it would work, but I’m positive I read somewhere that there’s a way to make an event only occur once. Am I wrong?

I guess you’re simply overexposed to mapping scheme. Keys down status mapping is only good for simultaneous keydown.
Once it’s set to False, it will always pass the if, right ?
Don’t use mapping then, simply “accept(‘mouse3-up’,yourFunction)” works perfectly.
Don’t scramble it with acceptOnce, it only accepts an event once after get hooked, not once for each event occurence.

A couple of days ago I tried that and I didn’t work. I’ll look over it again and see what I’m doing wrong. Apparently, I was caught up in a strange way of thinking from past programming experience. Maybe I still am. Need to re-program myself before I can get anywhere.

Thank you very much for your help.