Jump em cube

Hey everyone ^^ This isn’t anything big or anything, so I hope you wont dog on it too much. I made the game for my girlfriend for her b-day the other day, but I thought maybe I would share it for you all, too. The game is only about 65% done, but I wasn’t sure if I should keep going.

If there is anything you like to see, just add your comments below -V-

The idea is to just jump the cubes to get to the other end with out falling. The starting and ending cubes are the color neo-orange. Each time you play and win, the game will get harder and harder with different things going on with the cubes.

WASD keys to move, space to jump, and the arrows keys to move the camera around the ball. Other keys: R to reset the current map, L to turn on shadows (may or may not work), e to reset camera poisition, and h for help -prints our in the control panel-

There are times that the game will make a non-winning map, just press “r” to reset/make a new map.

sendspace.com/file/q1g52j v4

Warrning: No two maps, or level, are the same!

Last, tell us your reaction to level 5 :slight_smile:


im not pretty sure what i have to do here, i jump a little over some color platforms with a ball, but have no idea how to finish level or something.

It’s about as simple as it sounds. You start on a neo-orange cube and must follow the path of the colorfull cubes to the other end where another neo-orange cube a waits you. Simply jumping on the cube sends you to the nexts level with another harder level/map. You can tell what level you’re on by looking at the tope right side where it says “Level: #”.

tiny, simple and nice :slight_smile:
only very jittery

It can become very funny if you’ll give a better view of what your cubes are doing… It’s hard to know if you’re up or under the next/previous cube. Some better cam positionning will do the trick.
I’m sure crash Bandicoot looked similar at its begining.
The muse is cool :wink: (loop it)

Edit: haha :smiley: The level 5

cool :smiley:

The jump could be more fluid with a more realistic scheme though (like pos+=velocity+=acceleration).

@tallmystcarpet: the music is from the pillows (flcl ost)

kk, added more to the game.

SavesGates: rings around statable blocks. Just get near em to save your position autoly.

More sounds… don’t stand around to long or your ball may fall asleep on you.

Harder levels: the blocks are moving everywhere now!

Stops at level 14, but theres a gift for you if you make it :slight_smile: CAKE!

FYI: the download link is broken.