JttU Sneak Peek

Here is a small vid of what I’ve been doing with panda:


Actually I’ve been working on it for quite some time but if you add up the actual work time it’s not that much. Every once in a while I add a piece of code here and there, a model or a texture, when I have some free time.

C&C are welcome and also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
I won’t post the code for your own protection :slight_smile: it’s quite possible no one has ever written messier code… ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. That’s pretty cool.
How did you do the terrain, by the way? Is it just a model, or is it LODded?
One thing: the texturing on the terrain is a bit low-quality. You might want to use one of the detail texturing algorithms Treeform posted on the forums.

thank you

the terrain is just a model… and this model was dumped last time I’ve worked on the game and I was looking for alternate solutions, and have managed to come up with a dubious looking one which i will dump in turn :smiley:
I will check out treeform’s algorithm for sure

If you want lodded terrain, I suggest you take a look at the PGMM class I developed:
which has built-in LOD. Though, I don’t know how far it is compatible with Treeform’s algorithm.

I can’t remember what’s the difference between PGMM and the heightfield tesselator — remind me.

Well, PGMM has more functions. (I can give you a whole list if you want) And, HeightfieldTesselator regenerates the terrain every frame, while PGMM only regenerates the parts that need to be updated at all. On an enormous terrain this is very helpful.
Also, HeightfieldTesselator’s LOD is not entirely perfect, and has terrible popping.
This is the reason why I wrote PGMM :wink:

its remember me of Gothic game

is this game have some item toolbar?
that would be complex

sorry for the late reply…

no, the game does not have an item toolbar… yet
I think it would be too much work for 1 person (me) to design lots of items and functionality for them… what I was thinking of instead was… to try something simpler (this is not set in stone, idea level, not polished at all):

  • have a couple of full body armors that completely change the appearance (kinda like the first gothic games, haven’t played the third one)
  • have a couple of usable items (not too many) classified into a few groups of sorts, each group/class of items having a certain effect, the difference between individual items belonging to the same group would be the scale of the effect

but anyway the project is kinda on hold right now, too much going on and I won’t be able to work on it for a month or two

when I will have a new version I will post it here and if anyone will want to see the source I’d be happy to comply but I warn you :slight_smile: it will be messy :stuck_out_tongue: