I am looking at what options I have with different languages and such, and when I saw that this was being used by Disney I was curious if any other place was using this engine for game development. So far, it looks like I’ll be having to go take C++ courses once I’m out of high school. The only thing that would deter me from that is if Panda3D was used by other companies and is a viable thing to learn for as a career option.

dunno about other companies and career options. but i’m a freelancer from time to time and using panda for prototyping and production , especially in exhibitions.
since prototyping goes very fast with panda, i can usualy deliver a working demo within less than a week, which greatly helps me to get the jobs :slight_smile:
also in the final production panda has proven to a good choice. especially in combination with linux as OS which i experienced as a rock-solid-base.
almost the same goes for pyhton in general.
learning c++ certainly is a good thing if you want to get employed at some company. but learning python&panda in your spare-time wont hurt you either, thought i doubt later one will help you to get employed unless you can show off some real work you did with it.

Why thank you sir. With that information in mind, I’ll be learning Python + Panda3D until I’m out of high school and can take college courses.