Items you can use. FPS style things.

Hey everyone. I thought maybe I give back some stuff I’ve gatherd. They’re free to use as long as you’re not making any money off em :slight_smile: Usefully for getting a game up and moving more qucikly. The only thing I ask if you do use this… please give something back so others can use too.

Hope you like them.
Weapon Sounds (.ogg mono format)
Animation Textures (includes a .egg animation with it)


Do you have anything to share too? Please add more so we can grow our visuals to make panda 3d more cool looking :slight_smile:

you should put them under an approriate license like CC-NC or so. and also add this license notice to the files in question. side from that there are a number of quite interesting sounds in there. might even use them. so thx for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. The textures folder is interesting :slight_smile:
But tex for animation are not power of two and also in jpg which is destructive + don’t support alpha.

Thanks for contributing :slight_smile:
The textures are quite average but the sounds are awesome! If you find more, I wanna have them :wink: