item window

Hi again

I need the item window in my game

EX. when i click the item button
then create item window
and can “drag and drop” window and item in window

i really have no idea to do :cry:
some one guide me please

thank you

I think “DirectDialog” is available.
Just try it… :open_mouth:

thank you for your help
Mayumi :blush:

but i don’t know how to do again :confused:
please more explain
thank you

just code it the way you told us in your first post.
first create a direct-button. this button can call a function when clicked. this function opens or closes the item-window which is made from direct objects,too.
now you might want to look at the picker example, it shows how to get an object you clicked on and how to drag it around.
well releasing the object would pick the direct frame under your cursor, load the apropriate image at this place and your item is in the item-menu.

if you wannt to know how direct objects are working you might want to look into the panda-manual-wiki or check the samples or ask for help here at the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply
Thomas :smiley:

i will try it
if have problem i will ask u again
with my problem code
thank you