it still crash's...

i really dont know if this goes herebut i’ve been at this forever, and i still cant get blender to work, i downloaded all the stuff that i need, (blender, python,and that C++ patch) but it still crash’s, is there anything else i can do? or anyother programs that i can use?

It’s OK to post a question about blender here, but most of us don’t use blender, so I’m not sure if there’s anyone here who knows the answer.

It is strange that it will not start up, I know you said you downloaded a c++ patch but Is this what you downloaded?
that is a required patch for windows users.

If you already have that and it is still not working, try downloading the standalone version of blender that does not require an install

The only other possibilities that I can think of would be if you have a 64bit processor you would need the 64 bit version of blender, or your video card is so low end that blender won’t startup, however this is unlikely if you have a machine less than five years old.

Hope this helps!