Issues with resetPrevTransform using Panda3D 1.5.2

I developed a game awhile ago using Panda3D 1.1.0 and at the time it worked fine. I went to play it using the latest version of Panda and get an error “AttributeError: ‘libpanda.CollisionTraverser’ object has no attribute ‘resetPrevTransform’”. I checked the manual and added the line of code base.cTrav.setRespectPrevTransform(True) to my init function, but I still get the error. I comment out the code but it looks like the High Speed Collision detection stops working. Any suggestions?

Are you calling resetPrevTransform() explicitly? This is no longer a method on CollisionTraverser; it has been moved to PandaNode. But you shouldn’t need to call it explicitly in any case.


I see.

I removed the line of code, but it seemed like my high speed objects weren’t colliding. Do I then need to switch all my SetX,Y,Z functions to SetFluidX,Y,Z?

Yes, but that’s always been the case.



Now experiencing an issue with old Scalar Multiplication code.

Has the “int * Vec3” operation been removed?

There was never, to my knowledge, an operation that computed “int * Vec3”. Instead, we have “Vec3 * int”.