issues with packpanda

So, after some time tinkering with panda and leaning heavily on existing forum threads (Thanks guys!). I’ve got a working if somewhat sloppy flight model.

Hooray! I can’t wait to show it to my undergrad friends! They will be able to tell me if my basic principles (space sim with conservation of both linear and angular momentum) are feasible or simply too difficult to master to be fun. All I need now is to make it executable…

sadly packpanda frowns on me. I get 7 errors in my command prompt the file does install but does not run once installed.

The errors are as follows:

“uninstall function “un.RemoveFromPath” not referenced - zeroing code <232-305> out”

“install function “AddToPath” not referenced - zeroing code <2925-2965> out”

“install function “RemoveFromPath” not referenced - zeroing code <2965-3038> out”

“install function “StrRep” not referenced - zeroing code <3075-3113> out”

“Variable “READABLE” not referenced, wasting memory!”

“Variable “MANPAGE” not referenced, wasting memory!”

“Variable “TUTNAME” not referenced, wasting memory!”

I had hoped that one of the sample programs would work with packpanda, seeing as they already have .exes with them. Boxing robots, sadly gives me the same errors.

any help for a noob? Thanks guys, I’ll post my work here soon I promise, probably once I get a basic gunnery model working.

These are just warnings. It should process fine…

What is the exact problem you are having when installing and running it, then? Doesn’t just the item in the start menu work?

hm… those warnings indeed shouldnt matter. packpanda gave me some trouble,too. first of all. the “run application now” at the end of the installer doesnt work(both in 1.4.x and 1.5.2).
then i had to manually add the file extensions in my code (or else panda wouldnt load any of my models) …might be due to i was using 1.4.x for my first packpanda try until i noticed i’m out-of-date and switched to 1.5.2 (dunno if the problem is still present)
then i used one of pandas standart models. the box. i had to maunally include it into the game’s folder cause else it wont get packed in.

in any case. try to open a windows comand promt and start navigate to your installation folder, then run the same command as the start-menue entry does. it usualy gives valuable information.

Ok, I’m running 1.5.0, so I’ll try updating, maybe that will help.

The problem I’m running into is when I click on the start menu icon, the panda window comes up for a second and then simply disappears.

I’ll try the command prompt idea shortly, thanks

comes up and closes… could be caused when you try to load models in the code but they cant be found. like when you used the --bam flag in packpanda but you specified all model-filenames with a “.egg” in your code. or simmilar. console should clear this.