Issues Converting from Blender to Panda

I have blender version 2.67. I have tried to convert to a .egg file directly using yabbee as well as converting to .dae then converting that to a .egg. Every time this happens, panda either will not load, or it will give me the error “warning: [model] is not a character” or the model will simply not be visible.

Does anyone have troubleshooting advice on this or another way of converting from panda to blender?

I take it that you’re attempting to load your model into an Actor? If so, is that what you intend: does your model actually have animations? If it does have animations, are they skeletal animations, and again if so, did you add them to YABEE’s animation list in the export screen?

Oh, and have you tried checking “pview” in the YABEE export screen, and if so, what did you see?
(If you see nothing in pview, it may still be that your model is not in view; try pressing “c”, which should centre it in the screen.)