Issue with wheel steering

I have issue with the steering

def steerLeft(self, task):
    if self.isDown(KeyboardButton.left()): += 0.1 = clampScalar(, -2, 2)
        self.carModel.find(self.wheelFL).setHpr(0,, 0)
        self.carModel.find(self.wheelFR).setHpr(0,, 0)
    return Task.cont

as you see on video when I’m pressing left arrow instead of steer left the wheels going up and then I can steer left :expressionless:

Hi! Something that may help is enabling Bullet’s debug renderer. So, you could check what’s happening: it would be important to see (i) if the wheel’s graphics is aligned with the wheel’s physics (it may be misaligned if the wheel’s graphics is not 0-centered), (ii) where is the ground (so, where the chassis and the wheels are colliding with the ground), (iii) the connection between the chassis and the wheels (this depends on the position of the connection and the settings of the suspensions). After enabling the debug renderer, it may be easier to find the reason.

I’m testing this without physics, just translate car and rotate wheels

Oh, sorry! Do you happen to have a minimal example that replicates your issue?

steering angle it’s 13 units approx = Car.ackermann_left(2, 2, 10)