Issue with midi sound bank on Windows

I’m using FMOD to load a MIDIfile.
This is the error I get at runtime when trying to load the midifile with mySound_mid = AM->get_sound(“name.mid”);

:audio:(error):createSound(name.mid):a resource that the plugin requires cannot be found.(ie the DLS file for MIDI playback)

Digging into the issue, it appears that in module fmodAudioSound.cxx

the result of the call:

result = _manager->_system->createSound( file_name.c_str(), FMOD_SOFTWARE | streamflag | flag ,sound_info, &_sound);


I checked on my system the supposely missing DLS file ie c:/windows/system32/drivers/gm.dls is present and well located.
So apparently the error reported by createSound is not the true one.

BTW. I set up the config with: load_prc_file_data("", “audio-library-name p3fmod_audio”);

Amy hint on this one?

I don’t know whether anyone has attempted to support MIDI on FMod before. You might be the first.

However, the fact that gm.dls is present doesn’t mean that it can be loaded. Perhaps it depends on some additional dll’s that are absent or not on the path.

I’d start by checking into the FMod docs for the precise meaning of FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN_RESOURCE.


Thanks David,

I gave a look at Fmods docs and the description of the error cause is the same ie “missing sound bank”…

But anyway, digging a little bit on the internet I saw that midi implementation in FMOD has been flawed for several years on different platforms, so I decided not to consider Fmod any longer for this purpose.

By the way, my intend is to have a midi song played directly from a midi stream coming from a synthesizer (piano) (not from a file). So in any case FMOD would not have fit the bill!